Still RX 60
Experience your RX 60 seconds

The RX 60

RX 60 series

RX 60 2.5 – 3.5 t

Make the most of your time. The new STILL RX 60.

Get comfortable in the new STILL RX 60 and prepare to feel your heart racing with excitement as soon as the clock starts ticking. With intralogistics processes now being dealt with in a matter of seconds, you need our acceleration champion to help claw back your precious time. From the first moment, you’ll find the perfect balance of power, ergonomics, manoeuvrability and energy efficiency which is truly electrifying. The RX 60-25/35 is not just a high performer – it’s one of the very best in its class. Experience moving 258 tonnes in just 3600 seconds using this new powerhouse. Enjoy the freedom demonstrated by the top range per battery charge as you load pallets for 32,400 seconds without having to stop for the battery to be recharged. Get comfy in the best workstation imaginable, including perfectly arranged control elements, maximum leg room, an impressive all-round view and the unique STILL Easy Control on-board computer. With this piece of equipment, you are only ever one click away from your favourite performance functions and you can always see the relevant performance data at a glance. It’s time to set new standards: experience your RX 60 seconds now!

RX 60 series

RX 60 3.5 – 5.0 t

Everything. Except emissions.

Get ready for a superior electric forklift truck.

For an energy-packed peak performer in the weight class of 3.5 to 5.0 tonnes. The RX 60-35/50 handles any challenge and reveals its abilities from the very first second: lifting, accelerating and moving in top time. You will experience an incredibly intuitive interaction with the vehicle while it actively supports you in your work with smart assistance systems. The long battery life and the possibility to recharge quickly and on-site provide you with uncompromising availability. The charger can be fitted directly on board if required, but you will need it surprisingly seldom, because for all its power, the RX 60 consumes less energy than other vehicles in its class. Take advantage of the wide range of variants and equipment and configure the perfect truck for your application.

Let yourself be inspired by the productivity of your customised high performance forklift truck. Because the RX 60 can do everything – except emissions.


RX 60 6.0 – 8.0 t

Making light work of things

The electric forklift trucks of the RX 60-60/80 series are emission- free powerhouses that boost a particularly high performance and are extremely compact and manoeuvrable. The flagship model, the RX 60-80/900, can lift up to eight tonnes in working aisle widths of only 4,999 mm at a load centre of 900 mm. With zero emissions, the powerful electric forklifts prove to be a highly efficient transport solution both indoors and outdoors – even in damp and dusty environments.

High handling performance is ensured not only by the sensitive control but also by the maximum travel speed of up to 17 km/h as standard – and even up to 20 km/h in the optional sprint mode. Whether for freight carriers or manufacturing sectors, handling heavy loads or fast loading and unloading of lorries, its high performance, precise hydraulics and well-conceived forklift ergonomics make the strongest RX-60 model an unbeatable warehouse assistant.

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