Citymaster 1650 ZE
All-electric, Multifunctional, Low-noise outdoor cleaning machine in the 3.5-t class
All-electric Citymaster 1650 ZE

Citymaster 1650 ZE

“Zero emissions” and “electromobility” are important topics of the future – also in the field of municipal technology. Based on the Citymaster 1650 – adding the initials “ZE“ to its name, Hako is presenting the new Citymaster 1650 ZE: the first all-electric compact sweeper with additional benefits in the 3.5-t class made by Hako. Equipped with all-electric components, the ZE makes your fleet of municipal vehicles climate-friendly and sustainable, whilst guaranteeing reliably excellent cleaning results and emission-free operation. While noise and particulate emissions are reduced to a minimum, the new Citymaster 1650 ZE provides maximum efficiency, user comfort and safety.

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