Cleanserv Eco
Dry vacuum cleaner

Cleanserv Eco

From the hospitality sector to retail shops or office buildings: in places that are frequented by a large number of people, dust, light debris and dry dirt accumulate on a daily basis. Our dry vacuums Cleanserv Eco are highly economical solutions for regular maintenance cleaning. They are particularly user-friendly, easy to transport, and extremely flexible.  Thanks to their compact size, they take up very little storage space. When it comes to cleaning power, however, our vacuums make no compromise: powerful 700-Watt motors guarantee efficient removal of dust and dirt, while large 10 to 13-litre dirt hoppers ensure long, uninterrupted cleaning processes.

Highlights Cleanserv Eco Series:

  • Practical parking position for the suction equipment directly at the vacuum cleaner
  • Ergonomic ON/OFF foot switch
  • Equipped with various nozzles as a standard – e.g. a combi nozzle and an upholstery nozzle
  • Special extras such as a compartment for spare filter bags (Cleanserv S 13 Eco)

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