City Cleaning

Compact, manoeuvrable and economic: The road sweepers from Hako. We offer a clearly staged range – on request with a 3-brush system or scrubbing deck for the intensive wet cleaning of smooth, high quality surfaces or to combat oil on roads.

Citymaster 600

Multifunctional vehicle and sweeper – no need to compromise!

The Citymaster 600 meets your demands exactly – with best-possible operating comfort and innovative quickchange system for a range of attachments designed to suit your individual requirements. Hako’s years of experience in the field of compact tractors and sweeping machines are all concentrated in this one machine – use it to your advantage!
The Citymaster 600 combines multifarious advantages and functions with compact dimensions while the driver’s spacious and comfortable workplace facilitates long working days. With its small working width and extreme manoeuvrability, the vehicle can access even the most confined areas.
The all-in-one universal implement carrier with a quick-change system and plenty of different attachments – that’s what we call cost effective. You only buy what you really need.
In the long run, the robust and maintenancefriendly design makes the Citymaster 600 profitable. Hako quality pays off quickly.


Ideal for cleaning company floors and grounds: sweepers and
vacuum-sweeper machines from Hako. Both the hand-operated
and ride-on sweepers ensure dust-free cleanliness, e. g. in small
and large warehouses, various types of factory halls, outdoors
in the car park or indoors in the underground car park!

Sweepmaster B/P650

Area coverage up to 2,600 m² cleaned/hour

The Sweepmaster B650 and Sweepmaster P650 are extremely manoeuvrable,
compact vacuum-sweeper machines providing a high-performance. Their robust
construction is apparent when completing everyday work, e. g. the non-corroding,
coated steel frame, the shock and impact resistant plastic cover and overhead
throwing principle. Its powerful petrol engine (P650) or battery drive (B650)
means that the Walk-behind Sweepmaster production series can be deployed almost everywhere.

Sweepmaster B/P/D1200 RH

Area coverage up to 13,200 m² cleaned/hour

The Sweepmaster 1200 RH is the perfect machine for effective, economic vacuum
sweeping of multi-storey car parks, warehouse and production buildings and
permanent outdoor facilities. The Sweepmaster 1200 RH is available for selection with a petrol/LPG, diesel or battery drive. The battery-powered models have an operating time of up to 5 hours and the petrol, diesel and liquified petroleum gas models up to 10 hours, meaning that they can be used to complete all types of indoor and outdoor work. Numerous options are available for selection depending on the working conditions, e. g. cab safety roof, second side brush (left)or flashing beacon.


Hako offers a wide range of scrubber-driers for the wet cleaning of hard floors. Innovative systems increase the efficiency and scope of your operations: Use AquaStop to save water and increase operating times. AquaForce renders cleaning agents superfluous. DaytimeCleaning guarantees long periods of operation. And Hako-AntiBac® increases machine hygiene for use in sensitive areas by arresting the development of bacteria and fungi!vacuum-sweeper machines from Hako. Both the hand-operated and ride-on sweepers ensure dust-free cleanliness, e. g. in small and large warehouses, various types of factory halls, outdoors in the car park or indoors in the underground car park!

Scrubmaster B70

Area coverage up to 4,200  m² cleaned/hour

The optimal machines for the economic wet cleaning of medium and large-sized hard floor indoor areas. Excellent view, incredible manoeuvrability, simple operation. Optimum vacuuming up of the cleaning solution even on difficult floors thanks to the innovative squeegee geometry. Available with either disk brushes for smooth floors or cylindrical brushes with integrated course dirt collection for use on structured floors. In addition, the solution and recovery tanks of the Scrubmaster B70 are provided with the Hako-AntiBac® feature which considerably reduces bacterial and fungal growth in the tanks.

Scrubmaster B115 R

Area coverage up to 5,800 m² cleaned/hour

Scrubbing and drying while comfortably seated: The Scrubmaster B115 R ride-on scrubber-drier models with disk or cylindrical brushes for the economic cleaning of hard floors are the clever alternative to hand-operated scrubber-driers. These vehicles are distinguished by their large area coverage in the hard, industrial environment. The ergonomically designed cockpit provides an optimum view of the area being cleaned and working equipment. They are even more manoeuvrable than hand-operated machines: The intelligent construction with rear turning and special squeegee kinematics enables a turning circle of just 170 cm (65 to 75 cm) and 175 cm (85 to 90 cm)!

Scrubmaster B310 R

Area coverage up to 9,250 m² cleaned/hour

The Scrubmaster B310 R is available as a plate brush model with working widths of 102 and 123 cm as well as a cylindrical brush model (working width 96 cm) for rough and structured floors. Thanks to the attention paid to the technical details and achieving perfect results of cleaning, they always leave a good, clean impression. The cylindrical brush model of the Scrubmaster B310 R sweeps up coarse and fine dirt during wet cleaning. The optional side brushes sweep up dirt from border areas and enable the squeegee to run on a clean track. As a result, the machine completes two working procedures in one, without needing to enlarge its compact dimensions. Thanks to the front wheel drive and steering, the machine practically moves within its own dimensions and, therefore, can be used productively even in confined areas.