Efficiency in use

The Citymaster 1250 does not only leave a clean impression in urban areas but also ensures tidy figures in the balance sheet. In conjunction with a perfectly fitting range of accessories, the vehicle can cope with the work at hand quickly, comfortably and ecologically. It is operated intuitively without presenting the driver with a series of puzz-les. This means that safe operation of the Citymaster can be learned quickly and drivers can concentrate on what‘s important – trouble-free completion of their work.

The Citymaster 1250The sweeper with enhanced value.Performance meets environmental protection

Economic Efficiency

The versatility, robust design and mainte-nance-friendly construction ensure long-term low operating and service costs. In this way, Hako quality pays off in a short time. A wide range of optional equipment guarantees a tailor-made function and performance package right from the start. We can also provide attractive financing options. Simply ask your local Hako sales and service partner about seasonal hire, for example, to achieve the highest levels of flexible deployment or to cover work peaks and enjoy full cost transparency.

The Citymaster 1250The sweeper with enhanced valuePerformance meets environmental protection

Versatile use and performance.

Utilization without any compromises in respect of the individual functions: You can equip your Citymaster 1250 individually. As a result, it is always optimally tailored to fulfil your needs and you only pay for that what you really need. Easily accessible components reduce the daily time necessary for servicing and increase the efficiency of the Citymaster 1250 still further. Maintenance work on the engine compartment and radiator, for example, can be completed quickly and easily at any time because they are easy to access through the wide opening loading platform and dirt hopper or rear door. The Citymaster 1250 also scores in respect of its long service life because its robust design, in conjunction with regular servicing by the Hako service organisation, ensures a long working life!

Power meets environmental protectionan exciting pair.

First class sweeping results.

The Citymaster 1250 provides excellent sweeping results. Large, adjustable brushes and a powerful suction turbine can cope with large amounts of waste. The articulated steering keeps the vehicle on track ensuring that the driver only needs to concentrate on the sweeping function. The 1 m³ dirt hopper enables a broad working range and efficient, long operating times. The high dump and particularly easy cleaning on completing work save time and money.