EXH 14–20 Plus
Unique to operate
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EXH 14–20 Plus

Horizontal transportation anytime, anywhere – a piece of cake with the EXH 14–20 Plus low lift pallet truck, the nimble warehouse helper that makes everything a lot easier. Starting with the unique tiller ergonomics: a lot of thought has gone into the positioning of the control elements. They enable intuitive one-handed operation for all operators, no matter the size of the hand and whether it is the right or left. Meanwhile the LED or touch display on the tiller head allows the operator to keep an eye on all relevant truck information. Want to be able to manoeuvre the truck easily and safely at all times? No problem with OptiSpeed. The smart feature automatically adjusts the vehicle speed to the tiller angle. This means that you are just as safe handling loads at full speed during horizontal transportation as you are when carefully driving and braking in narrow aisles or on packed sales floors. The truck also really comes into its own here thanks to its compact dimensions. Whether working in narrow aisles or manoeuvring in HGVs, it takes it all in its stride. With features like these, the EXH 14–20 Plus is perfect not just for horizontal transport applications in supermarkets, production and logistics, but also for use in HGVs. In short: wherever the low lift pallet truck is used, it makes life easier.

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