Today, Total Materials Handling is celebrating 25 years in business.

Started in 1992 by John Gorman (Managing Director) when he bought the rights to Still from another company, he could see the potential in the product. His Wife, Catherine Gorman (Director) left her job to help from home with invoicing, typing up letters to potential customers and general admin work. So, John bought a van and got to work.

John and TMH started to gain momentum, he sold his first machines, hired his first service enginner and moved into his first premises, which was little more then a shed, only large enough to hold 2-3 forklifts, but it was the start the company needed.

It wasn’t long before work started to mount, after winning numerous contracts it was time to upgrade. New premises, new staff and a new drive to push forward. The company flourished, keeping our old customers happy and enticing new customers to the Still brand. We maintained the goal of having the best service in the industry, with the best product.

In 2006, a customer made an enquiry about cleaning machines, which John decided to investigate. He got talking to Hako Machines Ltd. in the UK, who told him to contact Hako in Germany for special prices. The stars aligned that day, the distributor for Hako in Ireland just wasn’t keeping up with demand and Hako Germany was looking for a new partner. After close talks with Hako, John decided to take on the product. A welcome addition to the TMH family.

Since then, Still and Hako have provided the Total package for our customers, Still with the perfect logistical solutions and Hako cleaning to a brilliant shine. Both of these products are a perfect fit for each other, built in Germany with the highest quality available on the market. Ergonomic, sleek, reliable and environmentally friendly, our products tick all the boxes.

A few years later and our premises was close to bursting, We needed a more modern facility to better represent the company and our brands. A few months later we found the spot, a building three times the size of our previous one, with a loading bay and a huge yard.

The move almost perfectly lined up with the anniversary of 25 years in business, a considerable achievement. From one man in a shed to the top forklift and cleaning machines distributor in Ireland. Thank you to all of our staff for their dedication to the company and thank you to all of our customers for their faith and support over the years.

Let’s hope for 25 more.