Smurfit Kappa News Press have recieved a new RX70-40 Hybrid for their printing company in Kells, Co.Meath, adding to their already impressive Still fleet. The RX70 has been fitted with Stills Fleet Manager 4.X, giving them total control of the machine.

The RX 70 is the perfect choice for Smurfits. The LPG Hybrid engine allows the truck to perform at 100%, both indoors and outdoors, while avoiding the heavy smoke of a diesel engine, which would damage their paper reels. The Rx 70 has a maintenance service interval of 1000 hours of operation, combine that with the fuel savings of the hybrid engine, the superior build quality and safety equipment and free yourself from high service, operating costs and down time.


Smurfit Kappa News Press, a subsidiary of the Smurfit Kappa group, is a highly professional contract newspaper printer. They house Ireland’s first and only triple width printing press, providing a high quality, full colour solution for a vast range of products and formats.

We thank them for their continued custom and support.

Fleet Manager 4.X

The Fleet Manager 4.X system allows customers to observe and control all aspects of the machine. Like, what drivers can use the truck and when, who was using the truck when it collided with a wall, how much fuel is being used per hour, what weights the truck is carrying, etc.

All of this information allows the customer to fine tune every aspect of their logistics, running times, operating costs etc. Allowing the customer to save even more money. Click here for more information on Fleet Manager 4.X.