As a basis for successful work, day to day co-operation and dealing carefully with customers, ideas and resources, the STILL employees have agreed on the following six principles.

We are at our customers’ disposal. They determine our way of thinking and acting.

In us, customers have a reliable partner. We see our task as collaborating constructively in the success of our customers. This is the only way in which we can secure our own long-term success. Customer satisfaction is therefore always the focal point of our working practice
This is why the needs and wishes of our customers are the guiding principle for our work – they are both a task and an incentive alike for every employee. We want to earn the trust of our customers afresh every day.

We offer progressive, complete, top quality solutions and assist our customers in increasing their own competitiveness.

We use our expertise and innovative power to develop new products and services, from which our customers will profit. To enable us to offer highly economical solutions in the future, we shall continue to develop ourselves.
We aim for technological market leadership. Where we have already achieved this, we intend to safeguard it by further expanding it. In this, quality, long service life and operating convenience are at the forefront.

Our strength is our communal effort. The basis for this is the expertise and commitment of all employees.

Our concept of ourselves as part of a partnership, which is the basis for our customer-oriented behaviour, also makes its mark on the collaboration within the company. For us, partnership means jointly taking responsibility for defined goals and in this orienting ourselves to the capabilities of the particular partner.
This form of working together is possible by having confidence in our dealings with each other. This creates an atmosphere of mutual co-operation in which the commitment to the community is regarded equally as highly as the individual personal performance. In this respect we regard the fostering of creativity, expertise and willingness to work in our employees as strengthening the community.

Whilst using technical progress, we still pay attention to our environment.

The environment is the basis of life for us and future generations. Realising this makes it obvious that we have to deal responsibly with the resources of nature. This expresses itself in the use of recyclable materials, in non-harmful manufacturing processes, energy-saving products and environmentally friendly work places.
Where technical progress can contribute to maintaining the environment and reducing pollution, we shall use it and participate in its development.

Wherever we operate in the world we shall respect the community and cultural standards.

As a company which operates globally, we are a guest in many countries. Our relationship with our hosts is marked by respect for the local manners and customs, standards and laws, religions and faiths.
We promote understanding of each other by encouraging our domestic and foreign employees to get together in mutual exchanges of experience of other cultures.

We want everyone who is associated with us to gain from this

In our relations with others we behave as self-confident partners. We use our strengths and capabilities constructively, co-operatively and geared towards solutions.
We are convinced that reliability and partnership relationships pay off – for our customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.