We are all profiting from this technology on a daily basis but probably do not even know about it. We are talking about Lithium-ion batteries (Li-Ion), which are being used in all modern cell phones. This new technology is now entering the field of intralogistics and industrial trucks are adapting to Lithium-ion. But why is this an attractive battery technology?

Compared to their biggest competitor lithium-ion batteries offer significant advantages against lead acid batterys. The extremely high energy density is the biggest benefit of the lithium-ion battery, which increases the time well as the availability of the trucks. The lithium-ion technology convinces with its low weight as well as the constant voltage during the entire operating time. Furthermore, lithium-ion batteries need less time to fully charge and interim charging does not shorten the lifetime of the lithium-ion battery.

  • Areas of application for lead acid batteries: almost every electric forklift truck and warehouse trucks.
  • Areas of application for nickel-metal hydride batteries: Pedestrian pallet truck STILL CiTi One.
  • Areas of application for lithium-ion batteries: Low lift pallet truck EXU Li-Ion 16/18/20 as well as STILLPalletShuttle.
  • Faster performance for more flexibility

    It will take at least 7,5 hours to fully charge a lead acid battery. The lithium-ion battery only needs 40 minutes reach a capacity of 60. To reach its full capacity, the lithium-ion battery only needs 1,5 hours. Charging the lithium-ion battery interim is possible and does not cause any loss of battery capacity.

Lead acid batteries suffer a capacity loss if they are not used on a regular basis. Lithium-ion batteries won’t be affected by disuse. At this point this new technology might be a little more costly but suppliers in various fields of business are expecting a drop in prices to make it a viable alternative.


STILL is the Driver of Innovation in its Industry

Early on STILL has been involved in this new technology and therefore has managed to equip numerous industrial trucks with lithium-ion batteries. Additionally to the towing truck CX-T, as well as the semi-automatic storage and dispense system STILLPalletShuttle, STILL presented the pedestrian low lift pallet truck EXU Li-Ion at the CeMAT 2014, as another member of the lithium-ion product family.

Future developments in lithium-ion technology will have an positive impact on the compactness and performance of industrial trucks. Due to the high energy density per kilogram and therefore a reduced battery size, lithium-ion trucks are more compact and can be efficiently used in smaller storage areas. Furthermore, existing trucks can be modified to multi shift duty. An increased operating time will be possible without having to change the battery.

The EXU Li-ion is an efficient and compact bundle of energy, which convinces with its high availability. The lithium-ion battery does not only feature in-between charges but also needs significantly less time to fully charge compared to conventionally lead acid batteries: just 40 minutes to reach a battery capacity of 60 %. In addition this new energy technology offers another advantage: With up to 2.500 charging cycles this technology offers twice as many compared to acid lead batteries.

In terms of safety the lithium-ion technology sets new future-proof standards. Every battery cell is monitored in real time. A very efficient usage of the battery capacity is possible due to the precise and exact discharge indicator. Lithium-ion batteries offer great power in a small package with equal performance compared to lead acid batteries. In brief: The EXU Li-ion is the ideal low lift pallet truck for maximum application time in the industry, commerce and logistics.

Every lithium-ion battery has a battery management system installed, which controls and oversees every single cell. Every module consists of powerful lithium-ion battery cells and controls the voltage, like in the battery management system, within the module. The robust and durable battery compartment protects all components from impacts and accidents at all times to make the EXU Li-ion a safe partner in every situation.