Aldi go Clean Ahead

Aldi have received two new machines for their National Distribution Center. The B310R Scrubmaster and the B1500RH Sweepmaster, The Largest indoor Scrubber-dryer and Sweeper available from Hako. The Aldi Distribution Center has a floor space of over 20,000m², with the B310 cleaning 8,600m²/h and the B1500 RH sweeping 10,400m²/h, cleaning the entire warehouse will be a breeze.

Our most powerful electrical sweeping and scrubber-dryer machines

The B310 Scrubmaster.

The B310 Scrubmaster, saves valuable time by completing three working operations in just one process. In the first step, the 138cm wide pre-sweep/vacuum unit, with two separately driven side brushes, one main cylindrical brush and powerful suction fan, sweep up larger debris and fine dirt. During the second step, the rotating plate brushes sweep up even the most stubborn dirt. The optional Hako-Chemical on demand system can be used to apply cleaning agent according to the situation at hand and can be deactivated again to resume cleaning lightly soiled areas without any chemicals. The third step has the squeegee dry the floor, leaving it immediately suitable to be walked and driven on. All of this is powered by a 2,000W drive motor with a 640Ah battery, providing plenty of reserve power to operate over long periods.

Well-conceived technology for extreme flexibility

The B1500 RH Sweepmaster.

The B1500RH Sweepmaster, fulfils all the requirements to ensure many years of economic use under difficult working conditions. Its effective sweeping unit, high performance filler system and powerful motors, diverse drive systems and simple, electronically supported single-button operation make the B1500RH the ideal universal sweeper for industrial and commercial sweeping tasks. The large side brooms sweep debris effectively to the main cylindrical brush and complete their tasks reliably even when cornering and sweeping out corners.

The Total package

Power meets environmental protection, an exciting pair.

First class results.

These additions will enhance their already substantial fleet of Still and Hako machinery. We thank them for their continued support.