A long time STILL Customer was recently considering their 60 quantity fleet replacement options, and following evaluations of a number of makes including STILL, Linde, Jungheinrich and Doosan, the STILL & Linde equipment was shortlisted for a fuel trial to verify fuel consumption performance.

The Doosan and Jungheinrich models were evaluated and discounted due to “being unsuitable for this very busy hub operation and not being liked by the drivers”.

Fuel Trial

To ensure a fair and accurate fuel usage trial it was agreed that Linde and STILL would provide new equipment and that a predefined and controlled circuit and pallet movement scenario would be created.

STILL provided a new RX70-25T, Linde Provided a new H25T

The fuel trial test consisted of the following: –

  •   Two curtain sided double deck trailers were parked approx. 60m apart.
  •   One trailer was loaded with 10 pallets – 5 each side with 2 on the upper, 2 on thelower deck level and 1 at the front of the trailer. The other trailer was empty.
  •   The driver was required to fully load / unloaded from each trailer in-turn all 10 palletsin the same sequence over a period of 2 hours, continuously, without a break.
  •   To ensure consistency, the driver’s objective was to move as many pallets as possiblein the 2 hour time of the trial, all pallet movements were counted and logged.
  •   To ensure consistency prior to the trial, the trucks’ performance was compared andthe Still was reprogrammed to mimic how the Linde had been set up.
  •   The same driver was used to operate both trucks.
  •   Refillable LPG cylinders were used for the trial and their weight was accuratelymeasured and recorded immediately before and after each test period
  •   Both STILL and the customer attended and witnessed the trial. The measurementswere verified and agreed by both parties.

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