EXPRESSO manual and powered transport & handling equipment simplifies and optimises work procedures worldwide. They are used wherever future-oriented, efficient and individual logistics are required. All our products are manufactured using a modular system, enabling us to provide individual, customer-specific solutions. Since 1953, our products are highly convincing, thanks to their safety features, quality, ergonomics and precise workmanship. Their long service life and permanent availability underline their outstanding economic advantages.

With Expresso, individuality is standard
Not conventional – but individual! Instead of a standard general-purpose hand truck, it is your specific logistic application that determines the appearance and the functionality of your professional transport device. Since 1967, EXPRESSO’s modular system provides unlimited possibilities for configuring application and user-oriented transport solutions.

Aluminium – 50% lighter, and far higher loading
Since decades, EXPRESSO hand trucks have been made of a special high-strength aluminium alloy and are therefore 50% lighter and far stronger than steel versions. The elliptical aluminium tube used for the hand truck frame is reinforced in the main direction of stress, which ensures utmost strength even under extreme loads.

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EXPRESSO Hand trucks

Literally thousands of combinations available to create your perfect hand truck

Frequently, heavy and bulky goods must be moved and handled by one person. As a consequence, spinal problems and injuries can occur. Here, it is helpful to have a rugged companion in the shape of a lightweight and ergonomic hand truck.
Since decades, hand trucks from the well-known supplier EXPRESSO in Kassel, Germany, are in worldwide use by professionals in the beverage and foodstuffs industries, in warehouses, with parcel distribution services, plus many other applications including mobile use in vans and delivery trucks.


Heavy loads moved easily, safely, and quickly: The use of high-quality, professional order-picking and four-wheel carts supports and improves productivity and efficiency during goods handling and transport.Our comprehensive range of carts and trolleys offers smooth-running, application-oriented solutions that are convenient and flexible. A decisive contribution for optimized logistic procedures.

Convincing details – the modular system
The most convincing arguments for our order-picking carts are the many application- and user-specific features: Various heights, sizes, materials (steel, aluminium, powder coated or bright galvanized), load capacities, several shelf levels, diverse load platforms, end panels, wire-mesh sides, storage compartments, notepad supports, extra shelves, universal baskets, plus a range of high-quality wheels and castors are just some of the numerous product options.

Special features – the future is here!
Particular highlights are the self-propelled order-picking vehicles that obey the user’s natural, intuitive movements during manoeuvering, thanks to the smart touch2move drive technology. This enables your employees to move loads efficiently and at the same speed throughout the working day. What’s more, it greatly improves employee motivation, and helps you comply with increasingly strict accident prevention regulations. All order-picking carts with a minimum width of 500 mm can be fitted with the smart touch2move drive technology.



EXPRESSO touch2move

Thanks to the touch2move drive technology, logistics operations are optimized, and transporting heavy goods is not only more efficient, but also significantly safer. Simply by touching the sensor handles, the vehicle “obeys” the operator‘s natural movements, and automatically adapts to his/her walking speed. Heavy loads are moved safely and ergonomically without effort – and the operator needs neither a driving license nor any special training.

The touch2move drive concept can be fitted to practically all four-wheel trolleys and other transport carts – it also complies with Safety at Work Regulations, and has the CE mark.

Every touch2move drive system is designed and built by our experts in close cooperation with the end user. EXPRESSO‘s handling consultants first examine and discuss the task on your premises, and then prepare an individual handling analysis. Within a few days, you will receive a detailed offer for the corresponding handling concept.