Welcome Expresso!

TMH have become the exclusive distributor for Expresso in Ireland and we would like to welcome them into our family. This product is the perfect fit for the company, made in Germany, high quality, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly. For more then 50 years, Expresso hand trucks have been successfully employed by professional users in industries such as the beverage and food industries, as package services and generally as vehicle support carts. More then 2000 hand truck types generated by the modular system are available immediately. Users worldwide are compelled by their component variety, such as the various footplates, handles, heights and widths and the original spare parts service. Their high strength, incredibly long service life and consistent availability underscore their high economic benefit.

Expresso Product Division

Expresso is a premium manufacturer for industry, logistics and trade. Apart from universal branded products that are in reliable service worldwide, they also offer unique, individual solutions for every location where goods must be moved or handled.

Their activities are divided into three product groups.

  • Manual Handling Equipment

    These intelligent products are designed to assist your manual work and to make goods handling safer, easier and more efficient. They include:

  • Hand Trucks: Unrivalled in terms of handling, quality and invididuality, Expresso’s hand trucks have become firmly established in countless sectors worldwide.
  • Four-wheel Carts: Large loads can be transported efficiency, ergonomically and safely with our four-wheel carts.
  • Baggage Cart System: Thanks to their outstanding functionality, quality and efficiency, Expresso’s baggage carts and customized depot systems provide reliable service in airports and railway stations worldwide.
  • Loading Technology

    Their extensive range of loading technology equipment provides everything that assists, simplifies and makes vehicle loading/unloading safer. The range includes products that can be stowed in a vehicle, as well as solutions for loading ramps. In the latter case, our engineers will develop an optimum, individually tailored solution to suit the situation on site. All products and solutions are featured by top quality, long service life and utmost safety.

  • Loading Ramp Safety: Safety on loading ramps is ensured by special wheel chocks, signal lamps, the STOP TRUCKS truck immobilisers, barriers, guide rails and safety supports & chocks.
  • Loading Systems: Our loading systems include ramps, levellers, platforms, dock boards, dock plates, mobile dock boards, gate seals, ramp buffers, as well as wheel ramps and lifting devices.
  • Powered Handling Systems

    The powered solutions in this group are intended for effortless lifting, handling and moving goods of all types.

  • lift2move: This mobile lifting aid is particularly suited for lifting and moving individual goods, parcels and equipment from one place to another.
  • Multi-Performance Lift: This universal, precise lifting aid can be with a wide range of load handling attachments for all standard handling operations.
  • BalanceLift: Effortless load handling without electric power thanks to a vacuum-operated lifting cylinder and customized load handling attachments and grippers operated mechanically or with compressed air for different goods.
  • touch2move: This ingenious drive unit with sensor handle technology serves the precise control for the most varied transport systems.
  • Compact LEO tugs: It combines Expresso’s unique, patented touch2move drive units with principles of powered ground transport equipment using tiller handle control.

As you can see, Expresso is a huge addition to TMH. We thank them for their faith and look forward to growing the brand in Ireland. Click here for more information or contact us at any time.